One special type of Street Art is the so called Tape Art. Instead of spray, paint-brushes or pencils they use tape to realize themselves and their type of art. Until now Tape Art is not yet that known like other types of Street Art but every day the movement of Tape Art expands more and more.

Using different types of tape and first of all different colors of tape Tape Art can be realized on every underground which grips. You could say that it’s a expansion of Street Art, whose artists are using tags already for a long time, to make their names more known on the urban walls. In our city Valencia, Tape Art first of all is be represented by the group named TAV (Tape Art Valencia). Actually you can admire their art on the walls of the MuVIM. Reference: http://www.valenciaplaza.com/ver/54556/el-tape-art-irrumpe-en-el-muvim.html

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