Incubarte, policemen destroid work of art

The famous valencian Street-Artist Vinz Feel Free realized a new amazing work “Don’t be afraid” dedicated to the women of the miners of Asturias, León and Teruel*. In the work do appear four naked women fighting with three policemen carrying their bats in a repressive mood.

Incredible but sincere – 48 hours later this work has already been destroid! By whom? Even more incredible!! The ones who should protect us and our city therefore also our works of art – THE POLICE – destroid Vinz Feel Free work illegaly (seen and filmed by a witness)… What a detestable assassination against art and first and foremost against the freedom of expression, which is an irremissible human right! Where is our society going to in these days??! If the executive authority already defies human rights… Just imagine a citizen destroing a work of art in a museum, because he feels personally defensive bu the message of the work. Unimaginable?! Well if policemen, who should be an example for the society just feel free to destroy works of art even in public!? WTF? This is really pitable or more than that DISGUSTING! * The government just caused huge wage cuttings in the sector of carbon.

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