Barrio del Carmen

The Barrio del Carmen is the oldest and apart from this also one of the hippest districts of Valencia. It is located behind the cathedral and caracterized by small alley ways, which will delight art-lovers the world over. At at least every second corner you will find stencils, cut-outs or pochoirs.

A part from the art, the Barrio del Carmen also has a lot of other things going for it such as eating, dring and celebrating. In its numerous alleay ways you can find a lot of bars, clubs and nice restaurants. The atmosphere is breathtaking. With the view of cactus-decorated balkonies, street-art-works and mediteranien terrraces, you just relax and listen to a guitarist passing by, maybe there’ll also be people dancing to the animating flamenco sounds and you just sit there, slurping your mojito or drinking a cool Mahou…

Never forget your camera to keep this moments  for eternety.

Whether by daylight or moonshine, this is definitely a place to be.

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