Do you like amateur Theatre?

  Then visit www.circuitocafeteatro.com!!

Did you know that in Valencia there are new theatre groups that have the opportunity to perform every day in pubs (usually in the Old town area). You can check this information on internet Every day they perform at 11 pm (it is recommended to arrive 40 minutes before it starts). The ticket is 3 euros and you get a free drink. It is highly recommended also in order to know the most genuine pubs in Valencia.

Pl. Fray Luis Colomer 4 acc.
Cerca de la Universidad Politécnica

Do you like the cinema in original version?

Then visit www.cinesalbatrosbabel.com!!!

Would you like to enjoy independent cinema in original version? Consult this web page where you will find the best and most unknown movies. On Monday, you will get a discount for ISIC card holders!.

But if you prefer the most well known cinema (movies not available in original version)…

c/. Vicente Sancho Tello 10
Junto a la Avenida de Aragón

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