My experience in AIP, by Marine Cloarec

When I arrived in Valencia I didn’t know the city and I didn’t have friends. That was why I was a little worried about that new experience.

But, since the first day I realized that there was a good harmony, the teachers at AIP language school were very available and nice. At the end of your stay they become your friends!

The fact of sharing an apartment with some of AIP’s students, give me the possibility to make especial friendship and do interesting things with my flat mates, like cooking traditional food of our country, play volleyball at the beach..

Every day the school organized an activity: a trip, a day at the beach, a visit to the city center, or going to the best parties in the center or at the port. That helped me to knew a lot of people, to better my Spanish and to discover new cultures..


Moreover I received many invitations to go to visit the foreign people I met here during my experience in Valencia!

That stay will always be one of the best travels I’ve ever made, and I’ll carry with me a lot of good memories!..

There’s a thing I’m sure about…I’ll come back soon!

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