San Juan

The 21 of June is the longest day of the year.

In Valencia means this, more sunny hours, a  loooong day at the beach, beer and cocktails after the dinner with your friends in the open.

However thenceforward  the days will be shorter, less sunny hours, but! instead of that – longer nights! – Get the party started!

Full of spirits as the spanish people are, they do not forsake their long sunny days just like that. As to do so, they celebrate for generations the tradition of SAN JUAN on the 23 of june every year.  To strengthen the now less hours shining sun, they make as much bonfires as possible on the beach of Valencia (and a lot of other cities) and big fireworks.

Young and old meet at this evening to celebrate the shortest night and to start the new season!

A special ritual which gets celebrated in the night of SAN JUAN is the following:

At 12 pm you go in the ocean (at least) till your knees. Await the 3 perfect waves and jump! With every jump wish for something for the new season – the summer! The night of SAN JUAN is the perfect night to think about the yesteryear and mainly to look ahead with confidence and happiness. Think about all your ambitions, wishes and dreams!

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting”

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