Street Art Valencia

The valencian Street Art is very famous and well-respected all over the world. This becomes first and foremost clear when you see its online presence! As a result of the fugacity of Street Art based on the atmospheric conditions and the destruction by persons and posters, the internet is one of the little places where works of Street Art can survive. But this fact should not be seen negatively. The fascination for Street Art lives on this fugacity. The beauty seems to need the danger of beeing destroid.

The works which are born on big and high house walls do  survive mostly for a longer time or maybe even until the “death” of their house. In contrast the ones which see the light of day on small walls may be gone tomorrow already. Make them live forevermore – take a picture! Thanks for the new technologies!

Especially in the Barrio del Carmen you’ll find a lot of amazing Street Art works!

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