What is Street Art?

Street Art contains all visual forms of expressions of inoficial occupation through symbols and codes on surfaces of the urban area.

It is quite hard to reproduce the development of Street Art, because in the several worldwide metropolises it expanded in different ways.

The Graffiti of New York City is considered as the pioneer, which was/is formed especially by the local Hip-Hop scene. Ever since the end of the 90’s it’s highly visible in the whole city.

Simultaneous in France expanded a huge movement of Stencil-Graffiti, which was mainly politically orientated in the course of the student movement.

What especially represents Street Art is the (occasional) illegal placing in the urban area. In doing so the artist is looking for the beholder of its works and not as usually the beholder for the works in museums or galleries.

The works of Street Artists can figurative or symbolic but they can also be realized in the form of collages. They can be implemented in different sizes, techniques on several surfaces in the urban area. The urban area is made to be used by the artists as screen of their works.

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