Valencia, a very well connected city

Valencia is a very well connected city throughout the world.

To go hear is quite easy, inasmuch Valencia is connected with 52 airports of 20 countries.                                                                                                                    For this reason there are 268 connections weekly.

To cope with the touristy demand between the month April and October the airport of Valencia enabled 1,3 millon arrivals of flights from all over the world. Therefore the number of international visitors could count about 650.000!

European connections:

San Juan

The 21 of June is the longest day of the year.

In Valencia means this, more sunny hours, a  loooong day at the beach, beer and cocktails after the dinner with your friends in the open.

However thenceforward  the days will be shorter, less sunny hours, but! instead of that – longer nights! – Get the party started!

Full of spirits as the spanish people are, they do not forsake their long sunny days just like that. As to do so, they celebrate for generations the tradition of SAN JUAN on the 23 of june every year.  To strengthen the now less hours shining sun, they make as much bonfires as possible on the beach of Valencia (and a lot of other cities) and big fireworks.

Young and old meet at this evening to celebrate the shortest night and to start the new season!

A special ritual which gets celebrated in the night of SAN JUAN is the following:

At 12 pm you go in the ocean (at least) till your knees. Await the 3 perfect waves and jump! With every jump wish for something for the new season – the summer! The night of SAN JUAN is the perfect night to think about the yesteryear and mainly to look ahead with confidence and happiness. Think about all your ambitions, wishes and dreams!

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting”

INCUBARTE, International festival of Independent Art

The 21 of June @ 19pm the 5th version of the INCUBARTE begins!

INCUBARTE is an international Festival of Independent Art which unifies plastic- with visual art. They just create a link between different types oft art and culture like painting, sculpture, instalations, photography and video-arts.

It’s an amazing meeting point of several artists representing their newest works in a nice and cheery ambience, free for sure and open for everyone who wants to see what art can do…

Come and enjoy the original – inimitable, innovative and creative atmosphere of ART!

21. – 23.6. 2012 in MUVIM – Museo Valenciano de la Ilustración y la Modernidad

Valencia, a city of the Fine [Street] Arts

The company FERMAX just signed a contract in colaboration with the University to realize an  artistic wall. As to do so, the Faculty of Arts chose six well respected Street Artist which will implement the idea of an artistically front for the FERMAX company. Therefore you will shortly come upon another amazing arranged wall (of 1200 m.) in Valencia. (Avda. Tres Cruces 133 de Valencia)

Of course we’ll watch out and upload photos of the wall 🙂 …



Street Art works in VLC, Hyuro

During the last Festival of the district Mislata of Valencia, Hyuro a great, worldwide known Street Artist did the honor to Valencia of embellishing once more her walls with some really awesome works! Like always – he impressed with his highly illustrative painted works. They are always characterized by very detailed and deft lines.  His Street Art works do commonly have a touch of surrealism and seem to come from another but phantastic world…

Kartell Custom Chair

Last week the artists of TAV participated in the project “Custom Chair” of Kartell in Valencia. They arranged a “Louis Ghost” chair of Philippe Starck… Look @ their amazing work!!     wanna see more? – href=”!/TAVcolectivo”>

Street Art Valencia

The valencian Street Art is very famous and well-respected all over the world. This becomes first and foremost clear when you see its online presence! As a result of the fugacity of Street Art based on the atmospheric conditions and the destruction by persons and posters, the internet is one of the little places where works of Street Art can survive. But this fact should not be seen negatively. The fascination for Street Art lives on this fugacity. The beauty seems to need the danger of beeing destroid.

The works which are born on big and high house walls do  survive mostly for a longer time or maybe even until the “death” of their house. In contrast the ones which see the light of day on small walls may be gone tomorrow already. Make them live forevermore – take a picture! Thanks for the new technologies!

Especially in the Barrio del Carmen you’ll find a lot of amazing Street Art works!

[nggallery id=1]

Blasco Ibañez

Blasco Ibañez is well known especially by (Erasmus-) students. It’s the party-street of the students. Just behind the the universitybuildings begins the “party-mile”. There you’ll find a lot of locations to go clubbing. Whether only to have a drink or to dance until the sun rises, here you’ll find something that you like for sure. Moreover there are a few alternative clubs, that often perform international indie- and rockbands… As of 23pm or even 3am, this is the place to be for party animals!


Benimaclet is the district of students in Valencia. Situated in the north of the city there are living almost only students, because of the very near located universitybuildings, the low cost flats and the beach Malvarossa nearby.

A part from the amazing gardens of the Turia Benimaclet ae also offers a large number of hip bars and clubs, where you caneat,drink and celebrate conventiently…

Moreover it’s just next to Blasco Ibañez… Visit Benimaclet!


Another very trendy district is Russafa. Also located in the center of Valencia, straight behind the bullfighting arena it offers especially for young people and art-lovers several individual cafes, bars and studios. On the webpage you can find all the shops of the district, which are artistically caracterized.

If you do not stay only for one day (we defenitely recommend that) Russafa offfers you a lot of lowpriced and nice hostals.

It is known as one of the youngest districts of Valencia, with referance to the age of the inhabitants.

Here you can also find cafes which on sundays convert to little jumble sails, offer you concerts or where you can admire the new art of recycling…

Russafa is another place you definitely shouldn’t miss out on!