My experience in AIP, by Marine Cloarec

When I arrived in Valencia I didn’t know the city and I didn’t have friends. That was why I was a little worried about that new experience.

But, since the first day I realized that there was a good harmony, the teachers at AIP language school were very available and nice. At the end of your stay they become your friends!

The fact of sharing an apartment with some of AIP’s students, give me the possibility to make especial friendship and do interesting things with my flat mates, like cooking traditional food of our country, play volleyball at the beach..

Every day the school organized an activity: a trip, a day at the beach, a visit to the city center, or going to the best parties in the center or at the port. That helped me to knew a lot of people, to better my Spanish and to discover new cultures..


Moreover I received many invitations to go to visit the foreign people I met here during my experience in Valencia!

That stay will always be one of the best travels I’ve ever made, and I’ll carry with me a lot of good memories!..

There’s a thing I’m sure about…I’ll come back soon!


Do you like amateur Theatre?

  Then visit!!

Did you know that in Valencia there are new theatre groups that have the opportunity to perform every day in pubs (usually in the Old town area). You can check this information on internet Every day they perform at 11 pm (it is recommended to arrive 40 minutes before it starts). The ticket is 3 euros and you get a free drink. It is highly recommended also in order to know the most genuine pubs in Valencia.

Pl. Fray Luis Colomer 4 acc.
Cerca de la Universidad Politécnica

Do you like the cinema in original version?

Then visit!!!

Would you like to enjoy independent cinema in original version? Consult this web page where you will find the best and most unknown movies. On Monday, you will get a discount for ISIC card holders!.

But if you prefer the most well known cinema (movies not available in original version)…

c/. Vicente Sancho Tello 10
Junto a la Avenida de Aragón

My experience in AIP, by Chiara Tramontani


With the enthusiasm and the curiosity of a 23 year old girl, who’s passing 3 weeks in a foreign country, knowing new persons from all over the world and bettering her Spanish level.

Everything seemed a big question and I didn’t know what to expect, but I was sure that he country I had to go to was Spain, the motherland of flamenco, bullfight, paella and the nightlife, which was what I read in the tourist guides.

In particular my destination was Valencia, the city of paella par excellence. I had heard many different opinions about this place … many of which (the negative ones) I can now deny!

When I arrived, or better, when I was on the plane, I had the pleasure of meeting a guy from Valencia: that was an “initiation” to live up to my expectations. Thanks to him, even before touching the Spanish soil, I knew that, despite what all the tourists think, paella is eaten for lunch, not for dinner. Moreover, he talked me about the “noisy” tradition of mascletá during the Fallas festival, and the most cool clubs in the city.

This information made me feel involved in this new reality! What happened next was a series of pleasant surprises:  the family welcomed me immediately and turned out to be like a real family that gave me a lot of attention, the house was very comfortable, big and near the school, and finally the school itself, where I met very nice and lovely people.

I arrived on Friday and took the opportunity to enjoy the city for two days with the family before starting going to classes and doing my internship. It was an interesting and instructive weekend: I got to know a little bit of Valencia and of Benimaclet, the neighborhood where I lived and where the school was. Moreover I got familiar with the means of transportation, and did a tour of the historic center where I buy a fan that turned out to be crucial to survive the summer heat wave.


On Monday I got to school, I met new students and some teachers who welcomed us. Then we went into a large room where one of the teachers greeted us, explained the rules and schedules of school and then they divided us into different groups, according to the level of knowledge of Spanish of each person.

The class I was in was very stimulating, the students were motivated and wanted to learn as much as they could and the teachers were really competent and available. The class I attended was to prepare for the DELE final exam, and I was quite worried because I thought that class work and homework would be heavy. This belief was refuted very soon, in fact these three weeks had running out without any dull moment. Each class was interesting and fun. The merit goes to my teacher for her patience and dedication.

When I was not in class, I had to work in the marketing office, helping to translate the website or the school blog articles, or doing research. I had to demonstrate that I was up to the task and had to develop my work in the best way possible; this was a very exciting challenge. All this was more enjoyable thanks to the atmosphere of harmony and tranquility among all the people who work in AIP: from the others trainees to the teachers and the Chief.

I also had the pleasure of participating to extracurricular activities for students. In that way I knew another aspect of Valencia, less cultural, but also very characteristic, and together with the other students we went to the greatest parties at the port or in the Carmen district.

I can advise anyone to do this experience at AIP Languages, because for me was unforgettable. The only negative thing was the melancholy in my lasts days here in Valencia, thinking that soon I would return home.


Chiara Tramontani





Worth visiting the museum visit VALENCIA HISTORY ..

Perhaps the first thing that catches your attention is the location of this museum, it is quite far from the center or other tourist areas of Valencia. But the effort is certainly worth it …

The Valencia History Museum is dedicated to spreading the story of the city from its origins to the present. It is a new institution (2001), located in a jewel of industrial architecture Valencia, the original water tank built by Ildefonso Cerdá in 1850,

And … You know the more urban green area from Valencia? Well this just outside the museum .. Head Park. This way you can relax in a huge park after your visit to the Museum.

Spanish Level Required:

All audiovisual museum are in Valencian, Castilian, English and French. The texts of cabinet and panels are in Valencian and Castilian, but entry may request a dossier supporting the visit in English, French or braille texts collected all.


C / Valencia, 42 (continuation of Paseo de la Pechina, next to Park Head).In Metro Line 3, Station Nou d’Octubre * By Bus Lines 7 (stop by the Museum), 3, 17, 20, …

Price:  Free



Tuesday to Saturday: 10:00 to 14:00 and 16:30 to 20:30. Sundays: 10:00 to 15:00. Monday closed *

The Botanical Garden of Valencia

  The perfect place to find himself

Do you know the botanical garden? And your Museum? .. The truth is that it is one of those places that go unnoticed because the conventional tourist, plus it does not appear in conventional guidebooks, is not in a place of great step.


In the Calle Quart, 80, very close to the Torres de Quart (also must visit) is a wonderful garden that will transport you to destinations very far away ..

And, if you like live jazz concerts question by the cultural program when you visit this garden. To minds calm and seek a little personal space in this bustling city.

Spanish level required:

Audio guide service in Valencian, Castilian and English (3 euros). Brochures in several languages.


Calle Quart, 80 (very close to the Torres de Quart).

Bus: 1, 2, 5, 7, 22, 60, 61, 62, 63, 73, 79, 80, 81 and 95.

Metro: line 1, station Turia, lines 3 and 5, Angel Guimerà station.

Price:  2 euros



Open daily except Monday:

• November to February, 10 to 18 h.

• March and October, 10 to 19 h.

• April and September, 10 to 20 h.

• May to August, 10 to 21 h

How to do an internship in Spain?

Internship in Spain: how can I be sure to find a good one?

Nowadays doing practices has become compulsory in more and more universities, and, in some cases, it must be done abroad. The most frequent question is: how can I organize  an internship abroad being at home, if I don’t know the country and my level of the foreign language is not so high?..

Not only to enhance your CV from the others, but also to enrich yourself, practicing abroad is a very recommendable experience. Moreover, if you could do it in Spain, near the Mediterranean Sea and in a city full of life like Valencia, your practice will turn into a unique and unforgettable experience.

The Internship in Spain agency is experienced in searching practices for students from all over the world in Valencia, Spain, in all the fields. Compulsory practices in Marketing, Logistic, Administration, Export, Architecture or Tourism are just a few examples.

Internship in Spain facilitates that opportunity because it selects for you the companies in Valencia, which suit better to your academic background. In that way, you won’t have to worry about searching a suitable company in a foreign country and using a language that you don’t master.

“We work with many organizations in Valencia in every sector, from the exporting companies to the ONG´s, a volunteering association. The students only have to send us their curriculum, a letter of presentation e do an online test in Spanish and we will start our work. Moreover, if they want, we can find them an accommodation and organize the trip from the airport.” says    Fernando Ribas of Internship in Spain.

The students will start their staying abroad doing a Spanish course at AIP Language Institute, a qualified center by Cervantes Institute. “ This language course not only will give you the possibility to better your Spanish before starting your practice, but also to settle in Valencia and meet other students that are going to do the same experience. That will be really easy if you’ll take part to large number of the activities that AIP language institute organizes each week. The student’s self-esteem and confidence with the Spanish language will grow in a dynamic and funny way. He will be ready and motivated to start his internship in Valencia.” comments Fernando Ribas, Director of Internship in Spain.

Normally it takes from 3 to 4 weeks to find the perfect practice for a student, but it’s possible to do it in a smaller time if the student hasn’t got many time left to decide.

Being in the hands of an internship agency with many years of experience is the best way to get the best result from an experience as a trainee abroad. The price is really small compared to the benefit, since this is a secure investment   in the most important moment of your professional career, just before starting to search for a job and build you professional future in your field of interest…

¡Viva la tomatina!

Buñol and the Tomato-Fight

Ever since 60 years, every year there are more than 10 thousand tourists travelling to this usually very calm village in the inside of the province Valencia to celebrate the day of the tomato.

This year it will take place on the 29 of August. About 11 am the procession of the wagons fully loaded with tomatoes starts to move through the alleyways of Buñol pursuing the objective to paint the whole village tomato-red! In a few hours everything will be changed. The streets, the alleyways, the fronts and everybody who’s within the village…

Let’s get red!!

As soon as the signal of the officially fired rocket has been sent, the fight can be started! One wild, crazy and especially red hour begins! Until the signal will be sent again and the fight is over.

Rules of the Tomato-Fight (we promise you, these are the official ones):

And here you get some advices from us:

The Tomato-Effect

Did you know about the ther special tomato-effect? Using tomato-juice like creme on your body, your skin will get incomperribly cleaned…



VLC – very lovely city

Incubarte, policemen destroid work of art

The famous valencian Street-Artist Vinz Feel Free realized a new amazing work “Don’t be afraid” dedicated to the women of the miners of Asturias, León and Teruel*. In the work do appear four naked women fighting with three policemen carrying their bats in a repressive mood.

Incredible but sincere – 48 hours later this work has already been destroid! By whom? Even more incredible!! The ones who should protect us and our city therefore also our works of art – THE POLICE – destroid Vinz Feel Free work illegaly (seen and filmed by a witness)… What a detestable assassination against art and first and foremost against the freedom of expression, which is an irremissible human right! Where is our society going to in these days??! If the executive authority already defies human rights… Just imagine a citizen destroing a work of art in a museum, because he feels personally defensive bu the message of the work. Unimaginable?! Well if policemen, who should be an example for the society just feel free to destroy works of art even in public!? WTF? This is really pitable or more than that DISGUSTING! * The government just caused huge wage cuttings in the sector of carbon.

The Hípica swimming pool

Tired of the beach and the sea?…

                             Go to the Hípica swimming pool!

Did you know that just 500 meters away from our school there is a wonderful public swimming pool with grass and palms? It’s in the building of the Hípica, in the street Jaca nº 23, in front of the Jardines de Viveros. It’s open every day from June until September. If you’re tired of going to the beach every day, try to go the swimming pool, I’m sure you’ll like it…

Price: 3,25 euros
open every day from June until September
  How to get there: Calle Jaca 23, in front of the Jardines de Viveros. Just 3 min walking from our school.